Introduction of Darbar-e-Ghousia Ghousabad Shareef

Darbar-e-Ghousia (Ghousabad Shareef) Dhok Khabba, Rawalpindi-Pakistan is an Islamic Spiritual Center and engaged in propagating the Islamic spiritual teaching as taught by The Holy Prophet RasulAllahﷺ. Since 1942 the year of establishment, at Darbar-e-Ghousia (Ghousabad Shareef) The Great Islamic Spiritual Chain Silsila-e-Alia Qadria Razzaqia was inaugurated by the Qibla-e-Alam, Sultan-ul-Auliya, Badr-ul-Auliya, Na’yb-e-Ghous-e-Azam, Hazrat Pir Syed Sakhi Lal Hussain Shah Badshah Al-Gilani, Al-Qadri, Al-Razzaqi (RA).

Since from the day of inauguration Darbar-e-Ghousia (Ghousabad Shareef) has been disseminating islamic spiritual teachings with the deep essence of Islamic Spirituality and Sunnah, in the terms of Spreading the Love of The Holy Prophet RasulAllah ﷺ, Ahl-e-Bait Athar (RA), As’hab-e-Rasul (RA) including with the Auliya-e-Kamleen Specificly Shahenshah-e-Baghdad Ghous-e-Azam (RA). Darbar-e-Ghousia (Ghousabad Shareef), from the period of Foundation Setting to the Greatly Succession has been serving to its every visitor and follower as a Fountain-head of Rectitude and Correct Guidance in the context of teachings of The Holy Prophetﷺ to the Right Path to Allah Almighty.

Thousands of people getting experience and true beneficence of Islamic spirituality From Darbar-e-Ghousia (Ghousabad Shareef) and changing their behavior positively through such a teachings of Sunnah which is leading to love, Peace, prosperity, respect others, social justice, unity & welfare, as well as eliminating all types of conflicts among the people of society. During the spiritual meeting sessions and events on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis, thousands of people visit Darbar-e-Ghousia (Ghousabad Shareef) from all the provinces of Pakistan and around the globe as well.